Dr. Princess Halliday’s Style

Dr. Princess Halliday at sunset boulevard Los Angeles California. For the weekends, I like styles that gives me freedom! styles that allow me dwell in my effervescent personality and express my uniqueness, leadership should not be boring says Dr. Princess Halliday. Click to see where Dr. Princess Halliday gets her styles!

Empowered Women Empower All

Empowered women Empower ALL. Had such an incredible time with these gorgeous women tonight! #Notafraidtolead #Powerfulwomen #Creativity #Leaderwithastyle #Destination

Are some men intimidated by accomplished women?

My page is live and I am excited!!!I am excited because in line with the amazing works that we will be bringing to existence on Princesshalliday.com,(the classes which we offer excites me and I cannot wait to spend time with many revolutionary leaders as we collectively change the world for better). I plan to share […]


Leadership in most African countries could mean“opportunity to collect”. When a person thinks about leadership, it is simply understood as opportunity to be at the helm of power and “collect money”, not truly about serving the people. Positions of power should first be for good governance and welfare of the people. Unfortunately, for a very […]

Does leadership have to look stern, ugly, and dull?

Does your understanding of a leader encapsulate any of the above? A few days ago, I had a face-time phone call with a very significant leader whose resilience and work ethic I admire. Once I got on the call and my face came on, first thing he said was- this is the LOOK! This is […]

Happy New Year !!

Thank you for every bit of support I received this year …I wish this year brings us all tranquility, so much love and happiness. Hoping love & trust will not fail me this year. In 2018, I am asking us all to take action for LEADERSHIP parity. A tad of your action will help get […]