Achieving Success and Thriving with Difficult People.

As we go through life's journey, we meet different kinds of people in our personal life, work, engagements, and more. People could make our journey more interesting, easy, and people who could make our journey and life more difficult. For this set of people, we must master the skills to work collaboratively with them.

Do you want to know how to interact with anyone, regardless of how exasperating you perceive them to be? This program will give you the skills to effectively meet your needs while protecting the dignity and rights of others to form more cooperative purposeful relationships.

4 Weeks Access. 8 Lesson Plan.

Course Learning Outcomes

  • This course will teach you to cultivate openness, how to see things from others’ viewpoints based on their needs, values, beliefs, experiences, skills, knowledge, and self-interests.
  • You will learn how to be less of a target for difficult people.
  • You will learn to approach difficult situations by answering the questions: who? what? where? when? how? and why? And by answering these questions, you will understand who your difficult people are, what they’re like, how you react to them, and their response to your actions.
  • You will learn how to have more successful relationships with allies, difficult bosses, co-workers, neighbors or family members.
  • You will also practice analyzing/evaluating your interactions with those you share space with. By observing others closely, you will learn to read their identifying characteristics. Once you can identify which type of person you’re dealing with, you will be able to choose appropriate reactions to their behaviors.
  • You will understand that assertiveness involves taking responsibility when meeting your needs in a way that preserves the dignity and rights of others. You will learn how to guide a person on how you should be treated with respect.
  • At the end of this course, you will learn how to guide anyone in the exchanges they have with you as this is paramount. This course will change the dynamics of how you perceive others, how they perceive you, and how you can collaboratively thrive regardless of how difficult they may seem.
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Start Date: September 1st