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Dr. Princess Halliday is a featured Authentic Leadership speaker at corporate, CIO, and academic events in the United States, Europe, and Africa. She has used her practical experience to provide executive education for numerous organizational leaders. In addition, she has coached executive leaders at leading institutions, including the government.

Dr. Princess Halliday creates and develops tailored solutions to bring amplified results, using the best tools, strategies, and support to ensure success. She holds a Ph.D. in Leadership (Hons) from Liberty University Lynchburg, Virginia, a Masters degree in Leadership from Woodbury University Los Angeles, California, a Bachelors Degree in Petroleum Engineering, an Executive Certificate in Communication from Harvard University, and an Executive Certificate in International Business from The School of Business, Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. Princess Halliday is usually referred to as the face of Leadership in the 21st Century.

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