Are some men intimidated by accomplished women?

My page is live and I am excited!!!I am excited because in line with the amazing works that we will be bringing to existence on,(the classes which we offer excites me and I cannot wait to spend time with many revolutionary leaders as we collectively change the world for better). I plan to share so much and be my own authentic self here. My life, encounters, leadership, past and present crucibles however they come and of course successes! We still have a lot to do on the site but I want to start by sharing this with you -my first readers!
Remember no matter how great a person may be- we all have certain encounters and many times we may chose to not share for fear of revealing too much and having people interested in our privacy. I grew up very private and not used to sharing much because my family and associates take life too seriously!!! Recently I decided to come out of my shell and really share for what it is with the hope that someone else can be positively influenced and empowered. I believe the days when no one sees or hears anything about “certain leaders” are gone. In this 21st century, nothing is a secret and so if it must be shared-it should be from the real source.
I write only about topics that I or someone else close to me may have genuinely experienced.Well here is one of my encounter this week. I met this good looking man who seemed interesting while he spoke.We kept communication over the next few weeks and with his consent, I’m sharing a few exchanges we had here :

It appeared with only a few conversation, this man who I truly thought was interesting, had made his assumptions already including believing he is average. Now here is a good looking man on a great path,determined to attain so much and most importantly serving the United States with exemplary service..Why would he think he is average and not accomplished?


My associates tells me that extensive professional experiences and accomplishments of a woman, scare some men. My response – those are the kind of men I really do not need. Men are attracted to the idea of dating intelligent women  but don’t actually like the reality of it” says Denyc Stokes, a Boston University Graduate. I have recently spoken with many women who had this suspicion as well.


I think that the moment a man starts seeing himself as less than a woman in any form, then there is a an obvious imbalance and vise versa. For Gail Smith, a woman who has accomplished much should maintain a relationship that is devoid of her knowledge and accomplishments. She further stated that a woman must not be with a man who would tend to pull her down due to his insecurities and fear of her achievements.


What are your thoughts on women who are perceived as “accomplished” in any exchange?
Please share , perhaps your thoughts can further strengthen intersectionality.
Thank you for taking the time to peruse on this page!

Stay Empowered!
-Dr. Princess Halliday PhD-
B.ENG, MAL,QMHP, Phd(in-view)
Leadership & Strategy World
Leaders/Founder Empower Africa Initiative

Empowering Leaders to “Do the Extraordinary” is my Core.

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