Happy #Fathersday PRINCESS HALLIDAY!
  • For advocating for inclusion…
  • For praying for the spirit of discernment daily and operating with wisdom..
  • For advocating for leadership balance between men & women
  • For educating women and men to be powerful
  • For protecting, providing and empowering..
  • For taking initiative & going first most times.. 
  • For sitting at the table where decisions are made with men…
  • For not allowing anyone to subject you or any other woman to their sexuality in conversations.
  • For passionately speaking on leadership parity.
  • For not being subdued to pressures that are not in alignment with your goals.
  • For being #princesshalliday
Happy #Fathersday to my Dad for instilling these values in me..
Happy #Fathersday to every incomparable Dad out there who reminds their daughters that they too-CAN BE LEADERS!

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Dr Princess C.H.E

Dr Princess C.H.E