Today’s world is highly influenced by millennials and entrenched with people who have trouble trusting others. To earn respect, leadership requires proof of performance. Thus, leaders must reset their mindset, approach, become more responsible with their actions, and be accountable for their influence on their followers, employees, the organization as a whole, or the nation in which they lead.


People are carefully observing their leaders, searching for reasons not to trust them, partly because they have been burned so many times by destructive leaders, but fundamentally wanting their leaders to be worthy of their respect and loyalty. Unfortunately, leaders often make this task difficult as many leaders fail to activate their emotional intelligence and be cognizant of how one leader’s action can affect multitudes.


When we start thinking about others, how our actions affect others, and how we can inspire change, growth, and innovation, we ultimately create a road map to earn respect.


Here are tips that you can integrate :

 ✨Respect others regardless of their gender, age, race, marital status, social status, religion, disability, etc.


✨Activate your emotional intelligence.


✨Be relentlessly proactive. Use your skills and resources in solving problems.


✨Keep your words and your promises; Be trustworthy


✨Inspire others.


✨Use your voice to create a paradigm shift, find ways to discover the best in people, and enable their full potential.


✨If you faulted, be powerful enough to apologize, own your growth process, and be open to change.


✨Request feedback where appropriate.


Remember, respect should be given and received by all.


New courses will be made available to you to help you hone your leadership and communication skills and help you navigate your authentic trajectory.


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