As a leader, you sometimes have to REQUEST RESPECT verbally. If you do not request to be respected- you may never get it. Better put- If you believe that you are deserving of respect-REQUEST FOR IT.

While you are at it- keep working on yourself as proof to strengthen your credibility.
Here are tips that you can integrate :
✨Get your facts right, and do not be afraid to lead the exchanges.
✨Choose a time when you can powerfully communicate your concerns.
✨Whoever it is that you are extending this request to, speak to their heart; ensure to have them see the other side (if they were to be in your shoes, how they would feel).
✨Be concise. Communicate in clear terms. (Remember, it is not what you say but how you say it)
✨Keep your word, your integrity.
✨Acknowledge the responses you receive. Thank them for their time and the possibility of being open to change.
New courses will be made available to you to help you hone your leadership and communication skills and help you navigate your authentic trajectory.

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