LEADERS-Get educated!

The definition of insanity could mean doing something over and over and wanting a different result.
A major problem I have observed in leadership and why we sometimes have stalled leadership is most leaders are content with just their position at the helm of leadership and do not seek for further professional development or education.
-A person at the helm of leadership meets a young man whose expertise is not only current, but aligned with the direction of today’s economic advancement. Still he argues with the findings and leadership decision of this young man because he is still beclouded with some obsolete understanding which had only worked decades ago but not the present.
Yes procedures that worked in the past may still work in the present in some instances but imagine the level of cohesion and successes that can be accomplished if a leader is at the top of today’s reality.
If you are a leader at the helm of the affairs of a Nation, an organization or wherever you find yourself. Take the time to seek for avenues to properly educate yourself in relevant areas. Put your pride in your pocket- get enrolled in schools, classes, cohorts… wherever you can.
Stop being a problem in the society by being educated and knowledgeable. Use your education for the advancement of mankind.
A depraved heart cannot fulfill commitment to excellence.
#Notafraidtolead #Womenandmenmakingchange

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Dr Princess C.H.E

Dr Princess C.H.E