Indeed I have come a long way in education!
I cannot overemphasize how important it is that we strive to be educated. I believe some of the significance of education includes teaching one to think intensively, critically, and serve as a roadmap to accomplishing our goals .I would be taken for granted very many times if I was not educated. I look back at the lives of people I have been blessed to come in contact with, people whom through their own processes and experiences, I have also garnered valuable insights to life experiences and further solidified these insights with knowledge assimilated from being educated.While I know that there are so many ups and downs in life, I also believe that a great amount of the issues we face in life could be drastically reduced if we were educated and consistently professionally develop our mindset. Education provides one with a mindset that shapes how people and challenges can be approached.
Education is the greatest Investment that a nation can make in its citizens or that a parent can make in his or her child. It is very important for everyone to be educated and it is especially significant for girls and women not only because education is an entry point to other opportunities, but also because the educational achievements of women can have ripple effects within the family and across generations.
When you educate a girl, you change the trajectory of her life and her generation.
A quick story: I have a relative whom I love so much. She is about a decade older than I am.While I was studying ferociously to get my academic degrees, she was not in support of my commitments. Amongst many things, she would remind me how back in the days, people get mad from too much studying.
Every time she tries to Skype with me, I would tell her I’m in class working on my assignments. She always felt neglected and would complain about my consistent reading. She never believed that a woman in this 21st century should spend that much time alone devoted to books. “Reading is not everything, remember you are a Princess with a purpose”. She would always mention. This went on for a few years!
I commenced giving lectures to graduate professionals and it became worse as I spent so much time on research and studying! My level of study commitment heightens daily especially with our current commitment of educating 1 million people on authentic leadership.
Recently I succeeded in encouraging her to embrace education and further her studies. She got accepted into a University.Unbeknownst to me, this would be the beginning of her troubles. Everyday she calls me complaining about how difficult it is to study, she would call, cry and ask if I could help with her critical thinking assignments.She said she reads daily but cannot understand this course. She believes the course which she is being compelled by the university to partake on, are masters degree level and she is only getting her bachelors.
As much as I would love to help her through this process, I wanted her to resonate with the fact that there is a great need to have utmost respect for everyone who is educated.
I call on Mothers, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Organizations, etc. No matter the circumstance, please strive to have a child educated. Leaders- as much as you occupy the position of power and authority, endeavor to consistently professionally develop your mindset, your skills, keeping in mind that change is constant. The method of learning you assimilated a century ago, may not be the same as today. Be at the TOP!

“As I saw how a system was run, I knew that consistent education should be my priority if I truly want to revolutionize the world”-DR. PRINCESS HALLIDAY, PhD

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Like Nelson Mandela stated
“Education is the most powerful tool we can use to change the world”-Nelson Mandela.

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