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Mentorship (Global Leadership Academy)

To navigate through difficult circumstances, master new conditions, and develop in the process, young leaders need holding to thrive. We need holding from leaders, and we need to hold each other. This program is designed to boost leadership and personal development skills that will positively change lives, communities, and Nations.

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The Time to Lead is Now


This leadership development program improves your decision-making and cross-functional skills by expanding your understanding of leadership. With broader leadership knowledge, global perspectives, and leadership insights, you will be ready to create an agile culture that embraces transformational moments and implement strategies that drive breakthrough innovation
The purpose of Authentic Leadership Development (ALD) is to enable you to develop as leaders of organizations and to embark on paths of personal leadership development. ALD requires personal curiosity and reflection, and personal openness and sharing in class discussions, leadership discussion groups, and one-on-one sessions with Dr.Princess Halliday. Leadership development concepts used in this course will be immediately useful and applicable for the rest of the lives of participants.


Even the most expressive people have difficulty speaking up.
  • Do you desire to receive attention when you speak and progress from hesitant to confident with no filler words?
  • Do you desire to improve your self esteem and communicate strategically?
  • Do you want to make a career through public speaking?
  • Do you wish to make your next presentation stand out?
  • Do you aspire to impact and influence your society through public speaking?
  • Do you wish to captivate your audience during your presentation?
  • Do you desire to lose your fear of public speaking?



  • Persuasion is the central part of our daily life. We all require persuasive skills . Good persuaders have the ability to accurately sense and respond to their audience’s emotional state. Sometimes, that means they have to suppress their own emotions; at other times, they must intensify them. Persuasion can be a force for enormous good in an organization, but people must understand it for what it is.

Mastermind Group- Grow, develop, and shape your goals. Become the BEST you!

Step out in front of the curtain—this is your time! Be the leader- Shape your mindset, your habits, and your work ethics.Mastermind groups are an extraordinary way to help you accomplish success in your personal and business life.
Get mentored mentally and practically. Participants meet one on one with Dr. Princess Halliday (virtually or in person) and connect three times a month to strategize about their goals, life plans and business. Participants get feedback and support from Dr. Princess Halliday, and the group. Your mentoring experience will change the dynamics of your life and help orchestrate your footstep in the right direction with close guidance. You will get the most out of every meeting.
Having a mentor to push you, make you uncomfortable, and remind you of what you want is so necessary to keep you moving forward and figuring out what you want through practice. Get value beyond what you can construct by yourself.
This is a year-long Mastermind Group starting at a special rate of $599. Each group will comprise of 5-10 members. Each participant is sure to get attention and customized feedback.


Where The Absolute Best Come to Learn.This program provides the tools and unique perspective for women to be successful within their organizations. Women will gain the skills they need to lead, communicate, and network with confidence.


Emerging women leaders will attend eight days of sessions developed exclusively for them, focusing on their leadership story and key skills to transition to strategic leaders.
Senior leaders will attend a full day devoted exclusively to advancing their own leadership and executive presence skills.
The evening of day eight is a networking opportunity for all participants attending from around the world. Day nine is when emerging women and senior leaders come together to engage in mutually beneficial sessions.

The Strategy of Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Influence.

Explore broadened concepts such as social capital, networking, crowdsourcing, disruptive innovation, viral marketing, the science of persuasion, visual communication, reputation management, and more. You’ll also learn about recent discoveries in social networks that will enable you to enrich your social capital and unleash the power of influence as a leader.