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Why Empower Leaders?

RESET LEADERSHIP: I come from a country

Where young women and men are not believed to be carriers of great initiatives..
Where young people are systematically underestimated…
Where women are subjected to their sexuality in conversations…
Where women are seldom respected unless married or associated to a man….
Where women face several obstacles participating in political life..
Where women are largely marginalized from the political sphere and are underrepresented in leading positions despite proven abilities as leaders.We are called leaders because we GO first and take the risk before anybody does.This is a platform for men, women, boys and girls who will strive to remove barriers to equal participation and understand that the future is made up of intersectionality. This is a platform for

Authentic Leadership.


Meet Dr. Princess Halliday, Ph.D


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Beauty Equates to Leadership

Princess Halliday

Young People are carriers of Great Initiative

Princess Halliday

Amazing things can happen when women lift each other up

Princess Halliday

Do not be a leader who is threatened by the existence of another, be a leader who embraces inclusion.

Princess Halliday

This month Spotlight: Princess Halliday speaks on “How Authenticity Affects leaders

Dr. Princess Halliday is scheduled to speak at the Mackerel Business and Leadership conference in Virginia Commonwealth University, and will leave the United States right after for Africa to speak on Leadership & Emotional intelligence. Her focus will be on addressing the seemingly increasing barriers to leadership, business and investment in Africa and proffering solutions through which this can be strengthened. Speaking at the World Leaders Forum, Princess Halliday share that “When Leaders get the environment right, humans, businesses, Investment will do remarkably”. She says “You can take a good business and put this in a bad environment, and that business turns sour, but you can take a bad business and put in a good environment and this business will develop vigorously. Same goes for people. Leaders are responsible for creating this environment and the people that will sustain it, not just the results.

Often times, leaders talk about growth and giving opportunity to the young generation but in reality very few leaders want growth. Power gets intoxicating and so it becomes hard to let go. But the truth is GREAT LEADERS BROADEN THE CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE SO THE MOST JUNIOR PERSON FEELS LIKE THEY “BELONG”. For effective balance in our economic visions and goals and to grow the economy and make better economic opportunities for all -It is time for a change in the narrative of our leadership.

“There a few things more Powerful than a woman with a focused mind”- iyanla

About Princess Halliday

The first impression you probably might get when you see Princess Halliday is, who is this young charming, pretty lady with great dimples on her cute cheek, full rounded lips and a distinctive mole on her face. Yes! this is the first thing everyone notices upon seeing her but beyond these looks in the physical is an authentic young lady who leads with high Emotional Intelligence-A voice to reckon with. Having accomplished so much at such a young age, Princess Halliday makes us believe that you can be young, pretty, intelligent and still do things the right way. She has one on one conversations with Presidents, presidential candidates, Governors, Great leaders, celebrities and ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Princess Halliday speaks three different languages besides English. She is fluent in Hindi, Some French and Arabic. She is from the Halliday Awusa “King Halliday” House of Grand Bonny Kingdom, making her a Princess by birth.

With over 18 years professional experience, Princess Halliday has been a guest lecturer on ethics and leadership to master’s degree professionals in California State University Northridge. She is an internationally recognized leadership consultant and multiple award winning extraordinary speaker. She has spoken in various international platforms on Power and Leadership. Having exercised her expertise in high-risk domestic and international situations; global conflict and terrorist incidents; diplomacy; and business, she is determined to change the culture of leadership for men, women, boys and girls. Princess Halliday developed and presented lectures to the U.S Army base Virginia on “emotional intelligence, leadership and service members transitioning from the military”. This was accepted and considered for integration into the system to help army officers and families during their transition to civilian life. Princess Halliday keeps accomplishing the extraordinary, she teaches men and women, Power, and Leadership at various sectors with the mission to bring gender balance across all sectors. “IT IS TIME FOR A RESET” says Princess Halliday.

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The Book That helps you surpass crucibles..

Not Afraid To Lead

10 Attributes of an Authentic Leader

#From the Perspective of a female leader

This book organically helped in the creation of World Leaders Forum & Honors.  In this book, Princess Halliday dives deep into  leadership crucibles and fight for Inclusion. In every chapter, Princess Halliday adds personal inspiring stories  based on actual happenings that she encounters as she strived to be a leader. She used  what has happened to her to unlock the truths that encompasses more than her own life. Through her “renderings of lifetime fighting defeat”, Princess Halliday establishes the extraordinary.

In the book, Princess Halliday lays out what she describes are “10 Attributes of an Authentic Leader”. In this book are stories that are  heartfelt, and relatable. Covers topics such as overcoming adversity, going after your dreams, owning who you are, turning your pain into power, and striving to become the best version of yourself possible.  Halliday makes the charge that women should strive to negotiate for themselves and men should be open to receiving women who would negotiate for themselves and not view them as being “over ambitious”. At the end of the day, Not Afraid to Lead provides an example of how to soldier on and change narratives when faced with every obstacles that tries to bring you down, helping you stay true as a Leader.



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What  people are saying

“Princess Halliday is well prepared and very methodical in leading Masters degree professionals through some heavy intellectual materials”.

Professor Eric Schockman, Founder Global Hunger Foundation.

“I’m very proud to be associated with Princess Halliday, my strategic thinking classes which she lectures are phenomenal.”

Lilitia Douglas, Graduate Professional Virginia State University 

“We refer to her expertise as Extraordinary. Indeed Princess Halliday is Extraordinary”

British War Brides in America, www.Tbpa.info


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