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Enjoy the benefits with us

One-on-one mentorship with Dr. Princess C.H.E ranges from $3000 -$5000 per hour

You are getting at least 12 hours across the year. That’s minimum $36,000 value for JUST US$20 a month, US$250 a year.

Monthly 1 hour webinars

* Monthly 1 hour webinars where you can also ask all your questions on areas that you find challenges on, build self-esteem, confidence, public speaking and spreading your message.

Questioning session

* Access to Dr. Princess C.H.E DM for your questions

Community support

* Ongoing motivation and support from community members to become extraordinary than you EVER imagined

Accelerate your personal growth and development with an extraordinary mentor as your guide

To navigate through difficult circumstances, master new conditions, and develop in the process, you need holding to thrive. We need holding from leaders, and we need to hold each other. This program is designed to boost leadership and personal development skills that will positively change lives, communities, and Nations.


You will learn speaking tips that will transform you into a better speaker


You will garner support in making good decisions to spur your life trajectory.


Get access to a group where you can connect to a supportive communit

Dr. Princess C. H. E. , PhD is a voice for leaders who believe in extraordinary accomplishments.

Dr. Princess C. earned her Ph.D. in organizational leadership from Liberty University. She earned her Masters's in Leadership from Woodbury University, Burbank, California, an Executive Graduate Certificate in Business from Virginia Commonwealth University, a certificate in Communication from Havard University, and a Bachelor’s in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Benin.

Growing up, Dr. Princess was identified as “Gifted”. Her intellectual capacity far exceeded kids her age. While at the primary level, she was already a mentor to kids at the secondary level, where she helped prepare them for college.

Because Dr. Princess earned her Ph.D. at such a young age, people still struggle to comprehend how she operates in such an abundance of wisdom.


Breaking barriers and stereotypes



Dr. Princess Chinyere Halliday is a voice for young women everywhere. She spent the early days of her life in Nigeria, also known as the giant of Africa. At the age of 13, she enrolled as an undergrad at the University of Benin and graduated with a degree in petroleum engineering. “I was quick to realize that women were not seen as carriers of great initiative,” she says. “I just wanted to do great things, help people to accomplish their goals that seemed far-fetched, and break stereotypes.” Her dad wanted her to pursue engineering. In her culture, a child must obey the wishes of their parents. “Looking back, I had to fulfill my dad’s wish before embarking on my career in leadership,” Dr. Halliday says.
When Dr. Princess Halliday was going through her undergraduate education, she noticed so few women in the engineering department. “The workload was cumbersome, but I persevered,” she says. She eventually was hired to be a leadership executive for a company contracting with Shell Nigeria. Dr. Halliday has a Ph.D. in organizational leadership from Liberty University. Because Dr. Halliday received her Ph.D. at such a young age people struggle to comprehend how she could have accomplished so much. “Earning a Ph.D. at a young age for a woman is considered far-fetched,” she says. “I am aware that I do not look like the conventional Ph.D. My clients would often tell me that I am changing the dynamics of Ph.D.s.”
When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Therefore, it is our responsibility to focus on our growth, development, and internal transformation.
Build your emotional acuity, and you will discover the best ways to cultivate emotional agility and stay on an even keel.I just wanted to do great things, help people to accomplish their goals that seemed far-fetched, and break stereotypes.

Dr. Princess C.H.E. , PhD

It is time that you re-evaluate the pressure you have on women; how they choose to appear or lead.

Nothing changes until you do - Dr. Princess C. H. E. , PhD

I’m a leader with my own style — Dr. Princess C. H. E. , PhD

‘My goal is to ensure every young person knows there’s need to learn to be a leader’


Leadership Expert to Governors: Hiding palliatives shameful


Jim Iyke, Joseph Benjamin, team up on Princess Halliday Show


Making Leaders for the Modern Era, the ALD Group is Shaping the World’s Next Generation of Leaders


Providing Important Leadership Training for the Modern Leader, ALD Group is Changing Lives In a Difficult Field

Dr. Princess C. H. E. , PhD says ,  “I just wanted to do great things, help people to accomplish their goals that seemed far-fetched, and break stereotypes.”
" When we lead with authenticity, we are better equipped to inspire those we desire to lead " - Dr. Princess C. H. E. , PhD
Award Winning Global Leadership Expert Executive Coach
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absolutely amazing!Thank you for your friendship,leadership,and coaching.I now understand the importance of seeking professional and sound counsel in everything you do.God bless you! I pray for your prosperity in everything you put your hands and mind to .

Officer Jasmine Merricks

What clients are saying

What people are saying ,

“I’m very proud to be associated with Dr. Princess Chi, PhD, my strategic thinking classes which she lectures are phenomenal.”
Lilitia Douglas
Graduate Professional Virginia State University
“We refer to her expertise as Extraordinary. Indeed Dr. Princess Chi, PhD is Extraordinary”
British War Brides in America, www.Tbpa.info
Dr. Princess Chi’s knowledge and guidance created a paradigm shift in my way of thinking that helped me to achieve the goals I have accomplished now. Thank you Dr.
Ryan Michal Hatcher
VCU- Emergency Medicine