Children who will not be defined by obstacles!


For very many years, we have been progressively working to enhance the elimination of discriminatory practices , challenging the roles and stereotypes that affects Inclusion, Equality, Power and Leadership.

Change from the #Narratives that prevents children and youths from believing that they too can be leaders; when instilled in the lives of kids at the early age, seldom leave the mindset.For instance, amongst the very many values that are instilled in me from childhood, I have also loved watching Indian movies. As a child, watching Indian movies was one way I would relax from voracious studies!Till date, when I feel that I have done very much work and the need to relax alone, I would watch Indian movies and connect to those layers (especially love)that I loved and connected to from childhood.

I believe that these young age is one of the most important times in the lives of a human being and so every learning process should be geared towards mindset stability and a better future.

I love the partnership with these kids! Their energy is incomparable. They will not be defined by #crucibles. One of the kids known as Kelechi who although physically challenged-would not let any kind of challenge affect his #creativity.
He conveyed that he loves being creative so he can put his works on Christmas trees during Christmas.It makes him really happy.

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