What are your expectations of leaders? My Interview with the Magazine Show London

I am fascinated by people’s #Perspective in life and what their expectations are of #leaders.

In our minds, we are too used to certain kind of look for people who speak about leadership or whom we refer to as leaders. Dark hair, big size, older, old fashioned glasses, old fashioned suits, big vocabulary, big belly, nothing flashy…just to name a few!
These are the kind of looks that we have erroneously ascribed to leadership thus, our vision is blinded from seeing people who truly can lead authentically.
Yes I used to think the same way too!

I do not know how many people have been looked down upon or have been deprived of positions simply because they did not look like what the ordinary man has ascribed fit for that position.

Did you verify their emotional intelligence and leadership competence or did you just give up on them because they do not look like what you thought leadership should look like?

Kudos to @emmanuelmacron and other extraordinary men & women who continuously break these stereotypes.

I am here to tell you that you too are AUTHENTIC! Be you and Lead!

Sometimes,I like to wear this coloured hair as I speak about leadership. I love to look really good too. Just one of my ways of keeping you in absolute shock until I SPEAK and take you through processes that would truly transform your mindset to new kind of leaders!!

Thank you for having me on your show “The Magazine show London.
I had a great time discussing #LEADERSHIP #POWER & #AUTHENTICLEADERSHIP

“If we begin to see things differently;open our minds, broaden our horizons, things will be entirely different”.
Snippet from my sit down #Interview with the Magazine Show #London.
I really did enjoy this interview, one of the reason is because it allowed me be my young self while speaking authentically on issues that we face daily. These are not just conversations that would pass on with the wind…These are conversation that would spur you to change the way you lead!
Watch interview below!


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