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Dr. Princess Halliday, PhD
I was speaking with the managing director of a global firm in London who opened up in these exchanges with me; “Do you realize that your resume is capable of intimidating executives of all color? Your resume can threaten anyone. There are people from different races who may not have accomplished as much as you have. How do you handle this”? I have learned that people ask you these questions because they want to quantify
My developers always refer to me as a “sir”. In the past year, I have been working remotely with a new team of developers. All of our correspondences have been over emails; we have never met. I usually only leave my initials on our interactions without full names. Every time that I respond to their emails, whether I am providing technical advice or working them through a procedure, they always start the conversation with “sir”
Today I received news that a lady I knew a while ago in West Africa died of AIDS.In the past six months, this is the third news I have received about individuals who have died of AIDS.One of the disturbing things as I learned of her passing is that she had known that she had this virus for years but kept it a secret and continuously passed it around through intimacy with others.There is a
For very many years, we have been progressively working to enhance the elimination of discriminatory practices , challenging the roles and stereotypes that affects Inclusion, Equality, Power and Leadership. Change from the #Narratives that prevents children and youths from believing that they too can be leaders; when instilled in the lives of kids at the early age, seldom leave the mindset.For instance, amongst the very many values that are instilled in me from childhood, I
Ready to be a #guest on Heritage TV London to speak #Leadership, #Power #Genderbalance & #Inclusion _____ Today I am interviewed by OtunbaHOO-A 71 years old British-African & renowned #Political activist/TV Host. Watch this powerful  discussion!! ____ Suit : @missyempire Shoes: #vincecamuto Model?: #princesshalliday. • • #Authenticleadership #LEADERSHIP #Power#Powersuit #Notafraidtolead#Princesshalliday #Theextraordinary