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Stop Dimming Your Light. The World Needs You.

By | March 18th, 2021|Empowering You To Do The Extraordinary, LEAD WITH A STYLE|

I was speaking with the managing director of a global firm in London who opened up in these exchanges with me; "Do you realize that your resume is capable of intimidating executives of all color? Your resume can threaten anyone. There are people from different races who may not have accomplished as much as you have. How do you handle this"? I have learned that people ask you these questions because they want to quantify if you are "humble." A [...]


By | December 11th, 2020|Empowering You To Do The Extraordinary, LEAD WITH A STYLE|

My developers always refer to me as a “sir". In the past year, I have been working remotely with a new team of developers. All of our correspondences have been over emails; we have never met. I usually only leave my initials on our interactions without full names. Every time that I respond to their emails, whether I am providing technical advice or working them through a procedure, they always start the conversation with "sir" and close with "thank you, [...]

Heritage TV London Interviews Dr. Princess Halliday on Leadership, Power, Gender Balance and Inclusion

By | August 7th, 2018|Empowering You To Do The Extraordinary, LEAD WITH A STYLE|

Ready to be a #guest on Heritage TV London to speak #Leadership, #Power #Genderbalance & #Inclusion _____ Today I am interviewed by OtunbaHOO-A 71 years old British-African & renowned #Political activist/TV Host. Watch this powerful  discussion!! ____ Suit : @missyempire Shoes: #vincecamuto Model?: #princesshalliday. • • #Authenticleadership #LEADERSHIP #Power#Powersuit #Notafraidtolead#Princesshalliday #Theextraordinary


By | June 19th, 2018|Empowering You To Do The Extraordinary, LEAD WITH A STYLE, Uncategorized|

Happy #Fathersday PRINCESS HALLIDAY! •For advocating for inclusion... •For praying for the spirit of discernment daily and operating with wisdom.. •For advocating for leadership balance between men & women •For educating women and men to be powerful •For protecting, providing and empowering.. •For taking initiative & going first most times.. •For sitting at the table where decisions are made with men... •For not allowing anyone to subject you or any other woman to their sexuality in conversations. •For passionately speaking [...]

Dr. Princess Halliday’s Style

By | January 20th, 2018|LEAD WITH A STYLE|

Dr. Princess Halliday at sunset boulevard Los Angeles California. For the weekends, I like styles that gives me freedom! styles that allow me dwell in my effervescent personality and express my uniqueness, leadership should not be boring says Dr. Princess Halliday. Click to see where Dr. Princess Halliday gets her styles!